2018 Event Announcement, by WODThreads – The 3-Ring Assault

The 3-Ring Assault

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*Check out the video overview on our CrossFit 8035 Events Facebook Page.

  • 10 Minute AMRAP – Assault Bike calories (accumulate as many as possible in 10 minutes)
  •  9 rounds for time ( you may finish before the 10 minute cap, then all 3 athletes can just rotate biking)
    • Elite
      • 3/4 ring muscle-ups
      • 8 box jump overs (24/30)
      • 6 thrusters (105/155)
    • RX
      • 6/8 chest-to-bar
      • 8 box jump overs (20/24)
      • 6 thrusters (85/125)
    • Scaled
      • 6 weighted sit-ups (10/14lb wallballs)
      • 8 box jump/step overs (20/24)
      • 6 thrusters (55/85)

Athletes will all begin at the start line.  When the timer begins, one athlete will move onto the competition floor to begin a round, while the other two stay by the Assault Bike to begin accumulating calories.  Athletes may break up this workout in any way they want.  The 9 rounds can be completed by anybody, but every round must begin at the starting line (if an athlete wants to do multiple rounds in a row they just need to return to the start line before proceeding to the next round).  On the bike, it’s a free for all.  Just rack up as many calories as you can in 10 minutes.  If athletes complete 9 rounds before the 10 minute time cap, all 3 may then work on the bike until the 10 minutes is up.  If athletes hit time cap before all 9 rounds are completed, a second is added to the time for every rep not completed.  This work has 2 scores…assault bike calories, and time on rounds.

  • Standards
    • Ring Muscle-Up – Athlete must begin in a full hang with feet behind vertical plane.  As athlete ascends, they must catch in dip position and show full arm extension at the top.  Arm extension must be vertical (not pushing back).
    • Chest-To-Bar – Athlete must begin in a full hang with feet behind vertical plane.  Athlete will ascend until chest makes contact with rig at the top.  Kipping and butterfly are permitted.
    • Weighted Sit-Up – Athlete will begin movement with wall ball between legs.  They must decline until wallball touches floor (above head), then as athlete ascends the wallball must make contact with the floor in front of the athlete AND shoulders must get in front of hips for full range of motion.
    • Box Jump Overs – Athlete may only jump onto straight edge of box (no corners).  Athlete will begin by jumping with both feet onto the top of the box (no hands), and over to the other side for a completed rep.  Athlete must be sure that both feet make contact with the top of the box simultaneously.  Full extension at the top of the box jump is NOT required.  Lateral or standard box-facing jumps are permitted.
    • Box Jump/Step Overs – Same standards as above apply.  If athlete chooses to step they must still have both feet touch the top of the box simultaneously.
    • Thrusters – Athlete will begin movement with a clean (squat or otherwise).  Athlete must show hip crease below knee crease in the bottom of the squat with barbell in front rack position, and ascend pushing barbell overhead showing full knee, hip and arm extension at the top.  The thruster must show a fairly smooth movement from top to bottom (no pause mid movement).
    • Scoring
      • Score 1 will be the number of calories accumulated on the bike in the 10 minute period.
      • Score 2 will be time the last round is completed (athlete must pass the finish line).  If a team hits the time cap on the rounds, 1 second will be added to the time cap for each rep not completed.
        • Example
          • Final athletes complete all but 2 reps, time for placement would be 10:02
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