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  • 14 Minute Cap
    • Elite
      • 21-15-9, deadlifts (155/225) and HSPU
      • 15-12-9, deadlifts (195/275) and deficit HSPU (25/45# plates)
      • 12-9-6, deadlifts (225/315) and strict HSPU
    • RX
      • 21-15-9, deadlifts (155/225) and HSPU (with ab mat)
      • 15-12-9, deadlifts (175/255) and HSPU
      • 12-9-6, deadlifts (195/275) and deficit HSPU (15/25#plates)
    • Scaled
      • 21-15-9, deadlifts (85/115) and box push-ups (20” edge)
      • 15-12-9, deadlifts (105/155) and knee push-ups
      • 12-9-6, deadlifts (135/205) and hand release push-ups

Each athlete must complete one section in its entirety. Athletes will all begin in the starting area, and when the timer begins the first athlete will head to a loaded barbell and begin deadlifts. Once all rounds are complete by an individual athlete, the athlete will advance their bar. The additional weight will be laid out, and the athlete finishing up can add the weight OR the next athlete can add it themselves once their teammate tags them in. Clips must be on barbell for lifts to count. Athletes not working are NOT permitted on the floor. Time ends when the final athlete crosses the finish line. If a team hits the time cap, a second will be added for every rep not completed.

  • Standards
    • Deadlift – Movement begins with barbell on ground. Athlete deadlifts weight, showing full hip and knee extension at the top. For rep to be complete, athlete’s shoulders must be slightly behind barbell. No “bouncing” of barbell will be permitted – on the descent, arms must remain straight – any bend in arms will result in a no rep.
    • HSPU (all athletes will have wrestling mats under them for safety)
      • Standard – ATHLETE MUST BEGIN IN A HANDSTAND POSITION (NOT HEADSTAND). Tape will mark a 36” area, and athlete’s palms will be required to stay within that area (fingers may touch tape, but palms may not). Athletes will descend until top of head makes contact with ground, then ascend showing FULL CONTROL at the top (heels in contact with wall). Butt may not be in contact with wall on ascend/descent (bottom of a kip is the only time contact is acceptable).
      • Deficit – All above standards apply, but athlete’s hands will be on top of designated plates.
      • Strict – All above standards apply, but athletes are not permitted to use kipping (legs must remain straight throughout movement).
    • Push-Ups
      • Box Push-Ups – Athletes will begin in a plank position with hands on edge of 20” box and arms fully extended. Athlete will descend until chest makes contact with edge of box, and ascend to show full arm extension and straight plank position.
      • Knee Push-Ups – Athletes will begin in plank position with knees on ground and arms fully extended. Athlete will descend until chest makes contact with ground (hips must remain OFF ground throughout – maintain plank throughout movement), and ascend to show full arm extension.
      • Hand Release Push-Ups – Athletes will begin in plank position with arms fully extended. Athlete will descend until chest makes contact with ground, and release hands from floor. Athlete will ascend showing full arms extension and straight plank position at the top. Athletes may snake up if needed, however, if a straight plank is not shown at the top it will receive a no rep.
    • Scoring
      • Time last athlete crosses the finish line will earn a placement. If a team hits the time cap, 1 second will be added to the time cap for each rep not completed.
        • Example
          • Final athlete completes all but 2 HSPU (or variation of), time for placement would be 14:02


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