Standards Meeting FAQ’s

There weren’t a ton, but I’ll cover the basics.

Q: For event 2, can the Scaled division folks buddy carry the same person the entire time?

  • A: Yes.

Q: The poster (at the venue) for Event 4 (Strongman) says you can not reduce weight at any time, but the standards online and at the meeting state you can reduce, but not beyond the previous successful rep…which is right?

  • A: We printed the poster before considering things….so it’s a little off.  The correct statement is that you CAN reduce weight but not any lower than the successful rep before you.  Ex: Athlete 1 gets 135 lbs.  Athlete 2 decides to try 155 lbs but fails.  Athlete 2 can go down to 145 lbs or 135 lbs, but no lower.

Q: For Event 4 (Strongman), if an athlete fails can another athlete jump in?

  • A: No.  Once an athlete makes an attempt at a lift, they are locked in.  If athlete 1 is lifting, athlete 2 and 3 can still change their minds and switch but once they attempt a lift they are locked in and nobody else can do that lift.  If athlete 2 makes a couple attempts and fails, athlete 3 can choose to take their turn on the last lift but athlete 2 will take a “0” for weight.

Q: For Event 5 (The Bearded Lady), are there kipping standards on the bar muscle-ups?

  • A: No.  We will not watch feet.  So any kind of kip goes, including a standard gymnastics kip.  Athletes must show full arm extension at the top.

Q: What if I disagree with a score/time I got?

  • Judges will ask for a signature at the end of each workout.  If you disagree, do NOT sign.  That is your only hope.  If you sign, the score stays, period.  If you don’t sign, a staff member (red shirts) can discuss with you – NOT THE JUDGES.  A staff member may speak to the judge but please don’t argue with them or yell at them. :)

If you have questions, we encourage you to observe the workout as it happens and if you still have questions let us know.  Don’t leave any room for question on your movements and reps.  We want to see solid functional fitness and if we feel that you’re trying to cut corners or find loop holes we’ll pull you aside to discuss.  We’ll keep it as fair and fun as we can, and we ask that you do the same!  Boom.  Now lets do this!


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